How to book

Just a few steps and you'll be ready to go!


Select the offer

Select one from our range of offers, carefully designed to offer progressively more demanding physical activities. Our icons will help you choose the experience that suits you best:

  • age
  • how physically fit you are
  • kind of itineraries
  • exertion needed
  • your level (beginner to pro)
  • autonomy and free time

Find out more about our activities

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Check availability

Select a check-in date and tell us something about you.

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Give us some time to organize everything in the best way

In less than 48h, we will check our guides’ and instructors’ availability and we will find you the best accommodation possible. Our network includes carefully selected lodging close to our activity meeting points, in the middle of the countryside and away from crowded destinations, but just a stone’s throw from the most stunning locations.

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Pack your bag!

Once we confirm availability via e-mail, you can conclude the booking: choose the optional cancellation insurance, let us know the last details and make your payment. You can find info about deposits, payments and penalties on the data sheet of each offer.

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Winter program

Don’t miss out our offers for a great snow holiday!